Doom,Prey,Half Life-like but missing a lot of goodies and attention to detail, like texture quality and story, online??

User Rating: 6.5 | Quake 4 X360
Quake 4 is one of those games that really shows its age, grant it this is 4 years later other games that came out around the same time have way better graphics and story.

The Guns are pretty fun to fire but the achievements in this game completely ruin all the fun. I see what they were trying for with variety but, what it did was force you to run low on ammo and restart saves over and over again. This game is very traditional of late 1990 early 2000's FPS's with health and ammo being only gained back from off the ground or your medics, techs, or stations. Games today use the auto health gen when you are not taking damage, but the old model is very challenging.

Also the saving system really breaks up the pace of the game, you will get injured a lot by falling or explosions from your own weapons especially the grenade and rocket launcher which forces you to save before entering every room almost.

The are some fun elements in this game like the occasional rails shooter scenes like vehicles, mounted guns stuff like that, to break up the pace of the SAME sci fi industrial small hallways which are all over the entire game. There is no vegetation or differences in temperature everything seems to nail the sci fi theme really well but nothing else which doesn't give you enough variety for the eyes to appreciate.

The graphics look really really bad for this game, the models, and animations are fine but the texture quality seems like its really downgraded from what it was supposed to be originally on the PC or something. Any time you look outside of the main level you see a flat texture, and that's it. They could have placed some more models or something more to give the illusion that you are in this world.

The story is about the most generic space marine kill ugly alien thing you will ever see. You have seen this story a million times and there is absolutely no emotion for any of the characters in the game, you feel completely disconnected from the humanity of the people in it, they could have done a much better job there.

Multiplayer would have been cool on PC but this game is 4 years old and no one at all plays.

In the end you get what you pay for. I paid 5 bucks for this game, and it lasted me 3-4 days playing through on the 2nd hardest difficulty trying to get the achievements along he way.