Contrary to many reviews, this is a solid, deep and engaging game!

User Rating: 9 | Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC
I am sure you've read the GS review and have been turned off a bit by what was said. The sad thing is it seems as if the reviewer didn't "get" the game mechanic or what the developer obviously was trying to accomplish.

Basically any review that uses that Galactrix is supposed to be "derivative" of Puzzle Quest really is missing the boat. The core of the game is designed around jewel matching through a series of 4 different puzzle challenges using the hexagonal board.

The challenge really comes into formulating VERY different strategies for each of the game-types and understanding HOW to move the different gems to get the desired result.

I also went originally into the game trying to leverage my Puzzle quest skills, and was greatly disappointed as the board and the opponent seemed to get "Lucky" an awful lot. After about 4 hours+ of play, I discerned that I have a lot of influence on the board movement and became sensitive to how to gain the upper hand.

The game definitely does not leverage the graphics of a modern PC very much, with a lot of static backgrounds and 2D animations. Still it did not seem inappropriate based on the jewel matching board. The music is quite good, never overbearing or wearing you out. The sound effects are also very nice and seem also well thought out. Voice acting is VERY sparse, and the base story is on the weird side, but still enjoyable.

I feel that with appropriate expectations (and an open mind related to game structure) you will really enjoy this game!