Incredibly annoying and frustrating game that isn't half as compelling, interesting or FUN as its predecessor.

User Rating: 3 | Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC
If you recall what 3DO did to Heroes of Might and Magic IV after the demi-god Heroes of Might and Magic III, you will fully grasp what the makers of Puzzle Quest have done with Galactrix. How could you not want to love this game after the subtle brilliance of its older brother? But disappoint it does. At first I thought I was missing something, not getting it, or just too dumb to figure out the game mechanics. It was after my third battle with a space pirate that I realized the gameplay was built around the luck of the draw. Wow... that might be fun in spider solitaire or freecell, but dang, not with one of the cleverest and deepest casual games ever created.

Fans of the original beware - Galactrix just isn't fun. This may be the nail in the coffin for a gaming franchise that had been ahead of its time.