Highly addictive though you wouldn't guess it at first.

User Rating: 9.5 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords X360
At first I thought that a game that combines Bejeweled with an RPG would be pretty boring but I was quite wrong.

Bejeweled doesn't have much point short of getting as many points as fast as you can and last as long as you can. In Puzzle Quest, you have a point to every match you play. Worst case, you lose, you still gain xp in hopes to living longer the next time.

Artwork is just right for this type of game, not over the top, but not stick figures. The world map gives the game a nice overall feel and is easy to navigate.

Sometimes, it does feel like the computer gets really lucky with some of the drops they get, but after awhile, it won't really matter.

The random battles can be annoying at first, but once you get a mount, you have to power to play them only if you want to.

Great for anyone who loves RPGs and addictive puzzle games.