An interesting twist on two age old genres, make this game well worth its price tag.

User Rating: 9 | Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords X360
This game completely caught me by surprise. I had no idea playing the demo would get me hooked to the point where i easily invested close to 100 hours since i got it almost a month and a half ago. Here's the lowdown of what to expect from this diamond in the ruff.

- Addicting game play
- Massive amount of side quests
- diverse cast of characters
- great customization of main character (mounts, equipment, citadel, party, moves...etc)
- challenging AI
- worthwhile achievements
- epic soundtrack
- Its only $10 now
- Story is cliche but has a surprising amount of twists and depth should you try for all the missions

- Trash mobs are a nuisance, especially when you've hit the level cap (why am i fighting a level 20 troll again?)

Shades of Grey:
- AI seems to have a 6th sense about how to beat you down at endgame

So all in all this is a great game with a lot going for it. If you haven't already played this game at least download the demo, you shouldn't be disappointed.