Ahoy Mates

User Rating: 7.7 | Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates PC
Date and Time Played: 7:56 AM August 15, 2006
Game Title / Publisher: Puzzle Pirates Ubisoft
Year: 2005
ESRB Rating: T
Genre: MMOPG
Platform: PC
1P or multi-player: Multi-player
Comments and overall opinion of the game and the gameplay: Overall I would say that the game play is very simple and easy to get use to.

Was the game what you thought it was going to be, how did it meet your expectations:
No, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I downloaded Puzzle Pirates but I thought that it would be more childish.
What did this game remind you of (if anything): N/A

How would you rate the character and the story, and the immersive value of the game (did it draw you in, engage you, and allow you to escape into the world):
There is no story, and you are the character so there really is no way to immerse yourself into the game.
If it is a license - how true to the license (in your opinion) is the game: N/a

What are the game's biggest strengths:
All free play, do what you want when you want to.
What are the game's biggest weaknesses:
The biggest weakness is the length of time it takes to find a ship to do combat with.
Looking at the features listed on the back of the game box, do you think that those features were the games best features? If not what would you have written as the highlighted features:

What changes come to mind that you would want to make (if any):
The changes that I would make would be to create more ships so that there is less down time between fights.
What elements of this game would you say are worth remembering and reusing again in another game/context:
The elements worth keeping are the score updates at every check point and the way everything is a puzzle.
How are the controls:
The controls are very simple its all mouse and arrow keys.
How are the graphics:
For the most part the graphics are good, but the characters look kind of childish
How was the game audio (score, sound effects, voice overs, etc.):
The only sound in the game is that of a gong and of a cannon.
How is the user-interface - menus, controls, etc.:
The user interface is simple and easy to use.
Would you recommend the game to others:
Yes I would recommend Puzzle Pirates to people, espically if you like puzzle games or MMO’s.
Who do you think the target audience was for the game (13 to 18 year old boys, first-person shooter fans, etc.):
I believe that Puzzle Pirates is targeted for an audience around 12-13 years of age and is designed for people that like casual gaming, and those that are socializers.