OMG, SO many sleepless nights. A must in all aspects.

User Rating: 9.5 | Psychonauts PC
Be carefull. It's highly addictive and you will see the sun rising if you start playing this.
When i saw the reviews of this game for the first time ithought, "oh well, another platformer, let's play this one too".
When i start playing i couldn't stop. I get hooked from the very first scene.
Every level have something new and there are many secrets for the adventurer to reveal.
The difficulty is right and the overal feeling is beautifull.
From the start of the game i get stuck with it.
The graphics and colors are gorgeus and reflect perfectly the mind yoy are working with.
The sound and music are filling the game without get borring or annoying.
For the adventurers/platformers like me is a straight 10/10 but i give it 9.5 because there is always room for improvment (maybe, who knows).
I know there will not be a sequel but i pray this prove to be a wrong rummor.
Not a worth playing but a MUST playing.