It's not Deus Ex.

User Rating: 6 | Project: Snowblind PC
The PC version:
Based upon the packaging, I thought it would be similar to Deus Ex 1 or 2. It's not. It's a repetitive shooter. And the graphics aren't much better than Deus Ex 2. The textures & colors are gray and washed out, and definitely look dated now in 2008.

There are no RPG elements were you can choose how to develop your character. You just get a few powers when you advance through the game. Elements of stealth, plot intrigue, and interesting and memorable characters don't even come close to the Deus Ex games.
While having a few powers, and some minor stealth opportunities on some levels is better than having none in an FPS shooter, many good shooters also have a colorful setting that inspires imagination, and a strongly engaging storyline that pulls the gamer back into the action. Snowblind's storyline, gameplay, and characters didn't pull me into the game that much.