It's somewhat of a Deus Ex + Red Faction mix, but definitely for shooter fans.

User Rating: 7.5 | Project: Snowblind PC
Project Snowblind is not entirely original, as it took on the Deus Ex oriental cyberpunk look combined with a gameplay similar to Red Faction, a straightforward and fast-paced FPS against similar-looking enemy militants using a familiar arsenal of weapons including occasional armed vehicles too. There's some bio powers such as invisibility and bullet time to make it interesting, but this sort of thing becomes run-of-the-mill in today's shooters.

Not to say it's bad, in fact, the main gameplay's still fun and engaging despite the common setup. There are chances for stealth and epic fights alike and the best part is, the loading times are minimal. On the other hand, the graphics are a little dull but the score and sound effects are pretty solid. The stages are sufficiently interesting enough to play through once, but the game crashes to the desktop quite randomly a few times, which can be a major turn-off if not for the well-spaced save points.

All in all, Project Snowblind is worth your few hours given the bargain price.