Dull, lifeless and not what the PGR experience was supposed to be about

User Rating: 6.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Let's start with the bikes. They just don't work. Ugly handling so at odds with the smooth and pleasureable-ness usually associated PGR. They seemed like a late addition that wasn't fully play tested.

Gone are the joys of the locales too. Picking on London in particular, the track choices and designs are very poor and get boring quite quickly. I miss the glory days of PGR 1and 2's amazing tracks. Something for everyone they had. Now they are narrow and naff.

I'm no graphics whore but I used to LOVE driving around cities like San Francisco and Paris soaking in the views at high speed. Now they look draba nd dull, generic t othe point of blandness. Shiny does not equal eye pleasing.

The biggest loss is the audio. I know, sounds weird! Radio stations anyone? They were fantastic...driving around some foreign city with the local DJ's introducing a varied and seriously juicy track listing. It was such a different approach....and now all we have is a very very un-inspiring and short tracklisting. And custom soundtracks. It just misses that little touch.

Online is broken. It just doesn't work properly and takes an age t oget going. Add to this the irritatingly dull career.....

....and I went back to PGR3 and 2. Even dusted off 1 to make sure I wasnt going mad.

Avoid. This is a glossed up wet fart of a game.