PGR is a series that gets better with every game and number 4 is no different.

User Rating: 10 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
If you loved PGR 3 than you will absolutely love PGR 4. The game upgraded successfully in every category. The Graphics are beautiful, the sound is excellent, and the controls are very easy. PGR 4 brings on new features and there all for the better. One thing that completely stands out and has never been in PGR is motorcycles, there is still regular day and night but now you have rain and snow to go along with it, and now there is a kudos shop so your kudos isn't just for buying cars. The shop offers many different things from car packs, tracks, and even a gamer picture when you reach one million kudos. The motorcycles ride just as well as the cars and the good thing is when you fall off the bike you immediately hop back on you don't have to wait like most game. Just like the other PGR games there's not much of a story just win the races but now you get invited to invitational's which are always fun. The multiplayer is a lot better as well and a good amount of people still play. Overall PGR 4 shouldn't be missed by any fans of racing games.