When it Rains, Lean Back, Look at the View, Relax & Enjoy the HipHop Music

User Rating: 10 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
This simulation is just a lean back & chill to beat, and enjoy the view high-end racing game.

Though few in numbers, all the Hip Hop songs in the game was cool. I hope on the next PGR, they could add more songs. They should make it at least 300 Hip Hop songs.

I changed the music settings when I played this. I only turned on the Hip Hop songs and turned off the rest. I hope they could give free downloadable songs at Xbox Live. I sure would like to add some more Hip Hop songs on the play list.

Driving this game in the camera view which you can see your hands, the stirring wheel and the dashboard is the most relaxing way to drive in this game. Something in the sound of the music changes when you switch to this camera view. The sound is relaxing. It was also funny at times when I don't know that the gear was already in neutral. It's hard at first because at this camera view you won't be able to see which gear you are in already but after sometime you'll get used to it.

When it rains, you'll feel even more relaxed. When at the camera view I specified above, you'll see the rain drops at the windshield being swiped by the wiper. The weather system is really cool - adds more relaxation.

The environment is another thing when added to the Hip Hop music and the rainfall adds more relaxation. The environment is very lifelike. The view of nature and buildings is magnificent.

The view, the weather, the Hip Hop music, the sound of the Lamborghini, what more can you ask for? Lean back, relax, chill and go for a tour.