A lot of cool cars, locations and well done career mode make PGR3 good next generation racing game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
Project Gotham Racing 3 was one of the games which were launch titles for the xbox 360. This was the first game I have played for the 360 and it was not so bad playing it. I'm saying this because I'm not a big fan of any racing games but there are couple of really good racing games out there for me.

Gameplay: PGR franchise is popular I think so the fans will probably like this game. What about me? I think the gameplay was not so bad but it was not great. The pluses of this installment are cars, career mode, locations, replays and online mode. There are a lot of really outstanding and very fast cars which are beatiful and I would really love to drive one of them myself. In the time when we are racing we have to collect Kudo points which are really helpful becasue it's money and it would be better to get more Kudos because also we will have better rank. When we look inside our car we will see that the environment around us looks realistic and impressive just like the driving model. After the race we can watch replay and this thing is cool. The replays look amazing, the camera angles are well done, it is another realistic thing in PGR3 for the 360.
Our oponents are not stupid and it's not so easy to win the competition.
The locations are interesting so we will race for example in USA, Japan by day and at night, of course it's possible to change weather effects.
The biggest plus of Project Gotham Racing 3 is career mode which is very good. Here we will earn medals, thropies and buy new cars by Kudo points. After buying a new car we can see all of the beautiful vehicles in the garage.
In online mode we are able to race with other people and this is really cool.

Graphics: It's not a revolution in the next generation but we should also know that PGR3 was one of the first next generation games for the 360 so it could not be as awesome as we wanted to. The weather effects and the cities especially at night are looking very good. The cars are shining, the environment looks good. The audience look not so good as usuall but maybe in the next PGR this will be fixed.

Sound: The soundtracks in the game are nice and it's a pleasure to here them when we are racing. Also cars noises are great, I don't have any reservations to the games sound.

Overall: The fans of the racing games and Project Gotham Racing fans will like this game, it's not Need for Speed Most Wanted or Carbon or Burnout series where the races are illegal, this kind of racing games I like more. PGR3 is not a bad game, you will like this game if you buy it. I have played it and overall it's good.