This game is more than just good graphics.

User Rating: 9.4 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
When i first bought this game for my xbox360 console, i thought it would pretty much just be a spinoff of the earlier installment PGR2. To my suprise it was much more than just updated cars, and a new interior cockpit view. This game is as realistic as it gets! They use real 0-60 times, and now the cars in the game range from mustangs to Murciellago's. No more having to play through levels that require you to drive slow cars such as mini coopers. In singleplayer you can jump right in to any car you want. Although the single player in this game only takes 10 hours to beat on easy, and can range up to 15 hours to beat on hard. but this game isn't about singleplayer. Its all about online. The only reason why people would play single player is to unlock and purchase all of the cars for the online portion of the game. This game is a must buy for xbox live users, and car enthusiasts. I couldn't be happier with this game. The cockpit view is outstanding and is extremely accurate. The graphics of course look amazing. This game never lags online like PGR2 had on original xbox. All cars have individual engine recordings, this way you don't get a lamborghini sound on a mustang, and a mustang sound on a lamborghini! Also new singleplayer features have been added such such as eliminator where the last place car in each lap is eliminated, last player standing wins. This is an extremley fun mode, and is even better if some people get eliminated by inches. Also PGR3 allows you to custom build your own maps and let you become the developer. Also new features on live have been added. On of the more intresting features is Gotham TV. You can watch high ranked players and learn from them, ultimatley making you much better. Also you can be selected for Gotham Tv giving you a chance to show off and be a mentor, gaining respect and popularity. Also many courses have been facelifted, Nurburgring got signifigantly more realistic, and is the hardest course in the game. Nurburgring is one of the best maps in my opinion to use the cockpit view, because there are no hidden turns that you may not catch while in cockpit view, and it adds extreme realism. While i live in New York, and i agree that the course in New York is as close to reality as it can get, Nurburgring is the best course, even though you can reach speeds of up to 200 mph on the brooklyn bridge... I don't want to spoil the game for you, if it is a debate of this over NFSMW at launch, well it all depends on what you like better. NFSMW is more of a street racer and un realistic, where as PGR3 is a simulation racer and is extremley realistic, you got into the turn to hard, and you'll smash into the wall. I would reccommend that every car racer lover purchases this game. You will neve get tired of it, and you will never take it out of your box, that is, until halo 3 comes... =Þ