User Rating: 9.5 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
PGR3 offers players four cities - Las Vegas, London, New York, and Tokyo, as well as the Nürburgring - to race through. PGR3 features 80 licensed cars from over 30 manufacturers such as Ferrari, Dodge and Lamborghini. In PGR2 the car models were comprised of 10,000 polygons, but with the next generation hardware's power Bizarre's modelers have been able to put as many as 105,000 polygons worth of detail into the cars, although it was initially stated that most cars comprise of 80,000- with 40,000 of those being spent on the exterior and the remaining 40,000 on the interior, Bizarre issued a statement of apology stating that the average polygons per car is actually closer to 45,000. The increased polygon count allows for smoother, less jagged-shaped cars than in earlier games. Of the 80 cars in the game, 71 are unlocked and available for play at the start of a new game, while the remaining 9 (prototypes, one-offs, and concept) cars are left for the player to unlock. In a change from the previous two games, PGR3 emphasizes supercars and special models instead of generic production cars. One of the starter cars is the Acura NSX. While there are production cars in PGR3, PGR2 emphasized common vehicles such as the Ford Focus. However, the BMW Mini is available via download content. Porsche, available in the first two games, has been omitted from this game in favor of RUF. Similar to its prequels, each car in PGR3 is allocated to a specific class. There are five classes, A through E, the high performance cars being Class A, and the low performance cars in Class E. PGR3 allows multiplayer offline with up to two players on one Xbox 360 console or more players via System Link. PGR3 offers online integrated scoreboards for single player career events as well as Time Trials and test track times. Gamers with Xbox Live Gold are able to race with up to seven other competitors in races online. Online career (ranked) and playtime (unranked) are both offered as online multiplayer modes. Scoreboards also track standings for online career. PGR3 also allows for online tournaments, the first of which was the PGR3 Global Tournament, won by a Swedish player. Kudos once again play an important part in Project Gotham. Kudos points are given for stylish driving, for example drifting around a corner, drafting, or getting two or four wheels off the ground. Different sets of points can be linked using a combo, by performing more stylish maneuvers before the Kudos become 'banked' (in PGR2 this cut-off time was 2 seconds). When combos are linked up, you are given a bonus for keeping them linked together, and this builds up to huge amounts if the combo is held for a substantial length of time. This bonus is however lost if the player crashes into any barriers, though the base Kudos (all but the combo bonus) are kept. PGR3 was also included in the Championship Gaming Series in 2007 and the World Cyber Games. In the first two installments, there were radio stations in each city. However PGR3 does not offer any of the city's radio stations like in the first two games. Songs in the game include Helicopter by Bloc Party, Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin, All You Ever Wanted by Deadstar Assembly. The game scores 88% on Game Rankings based on 92 reviews. The game scored 88% on Metacritic based on 74 reviews (based on 94 votes from users, Project Gotham Racing scored 8.2 out of 10). The game also scored 92% from Xbox World 360, with it being one of the only 13 to be rated above 90%. The entire Cadillac V-Series was made available May 2006 as free download content. A speed pack was made available April 2006, with tournament access, new features, some fixes, and new cars. A style pack was made available July 2006, featuring more cars and features. PGR2 featured a well known Easter egg, a player could play an old arcade machine type game named Geometry Wars. The game has been revamped by Bizarre Creations for inclusion in PGR3. It is similar to the classic games Asteroids and Robotron: 2084, though far more advanced graphically whilst keeping the same basic gameplay aesthetic. This hidden mini-game even features its very own Xbox Live scoreboard. It is also downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade.