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    I'm finally posting in one of these.Oh, it's dead.

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    Thoughts on Sand Land

    It's an open-world game that's not too big. It's got a satisfying story, amusing characters and great visuals, as should be expected from an (apparently loose) adaption of an Akira Toriyama manga. The...

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    @aaronmullan: We will succeed and become the next Reddit!

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    Here I Discuss Video Games

    I came back to see if they'd redesigned the website again, but I don't think there are any significant changes. So how about actually writing about games?I played Crash Bandicoot 3 at the beginning of...

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    I'm surprised. I haven't seen you anywhere since the beginning of 2009. 2021 was a pretty big year for games for me personally, played a lot of Resident Evil for whatever reasons. Oh, and Vampire: The...

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    I've Had a GameSpot Account for Almost Half My Life Now

    Time isn't fun. I've got my old posts and their comments saved from when TV.com let me save them. Looking at them, it's strange to see how different I was before the 2010s. Now that I think about it, ...