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  • GBeavs wrote a review of Baroque.
    User Rating 7
    Like a more gritty Binding of Issac

    I picked up this game at my local Game City because the premise of having to die to further the plot interested me. But after I started to play the game for a bit I noticed that there was much more to...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Outlast.
    User Rating 9
    A well made horror game that hits most of the points needed.

    Okay. So, let's talk about probably the most frightening game I have played. It is very well done in many respects, and even more impressive being an indie game. A good word of warning, this will not ...

  • GBeavs posted a new blog.
    All this Advanced Warfare shit.

    I have had people tell me the game was game of the year material. Well considering the fact that nothing good really came out this year it could be, but just because the mass majority of people who on...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of BioShock Infinite.
    User Rating 8
    Not really a Bioshock Game

    This game is good, I will say that, but it doesn't really feel like an installment to the Bioshock franchise as much as it does it's own game. As a stand alone product it is very good, and probably in...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Silent Hill: Homecoming.
    User Rating 6
    Not a Silent Hill Game

    Silent Hill Homecoming lacked something that the original games had, and that is the ability to scare you. I really hate reviewing this as a stand alone project, because it really isn't that bad stan...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Tomb Raider.
    User Rating 8
    A great prequel to the original games

    This game tells the story of Lara Croft's first expedition. And wow was it a great game.The bad. There was a boss battle, I guess you could call it that, that relies on quick time events and it is re...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Minecraft.
    User Rating 7
    It's fun and imaginative

    Minecraft is one of the most innovative games of the past decade. But it does get boring after a while of screwing around in it, and if you have next to no talent for building things in the game itse...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Halo 4 (Game of the Year Edition).
    User Rating 9
    Best in the Series

    Halo 4 was an amazing game that didn't do much wrong. What it did do wrong was far over shadowed by what it did right. And dear god they better release the next installment on 360 as well.The bad. Fo...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Halo 3: ODST.
    User Rating 7
    A nice story that feels like a movie

    Halo 3 ODST is probably the best of the prequel games. Seeing as we don't have a whole lot in the category that isn't from the Zelda series, and the most notable of the past few years was DMC (Which w...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Silent Hill: Origins.
    User Rating 7
    A great prequel to the Mason Arc

    This is a great prequel to the Mason Arc, or to the first Silent Hill game. This was pretty good, and probably one of the only two good Silent Hill games that Climax ever worked on. The other one bei...

  • GBeavs wrote a review of Pokemon Y.
    User Rating 10
    Best in the Series

    They didn't really make many more well designed Pokemon in the franchise, but I don't care, they added in a lot of old favorites. They changed Pikachu's cry to the voice of Ikue Otani, I loved that. ...

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