Professor Layton is back and although the formula remains the same the characters bring to life a forth epic adventure

User Rating: 9.5 | Layton Kyouju to Majin no Fue DS
Although the Last Specter is the start of a new trilogy the game feels immediately familiar. The game starts with the Professor receiving a strange letter from his old friend Clark Triton. It appears the a mysterious creature is laying waste to the town of Misthallery at night. Whether or not you have played a Professor Layton game before there is something here for you.

It appears the Professor Layton hasn't been doing all of his professorly duties so they have went and hired him a new assistant, Emmy. Emmy is young, confident, and a huge fan of the professor. She is very egger to obtain the Layton's trust. In Misthallery Layton and Emmy meet the young son of Clark Triton, Luke. Together Professor Layton, Emmy, and Luke head out into the town to investigate the problem. Last Specter's story has more of an air of mystery about than some of the other games, which keeps the pace up throughout.

The puzzles are the core of the series remain largely the same. Although many puzzles will seem familiar at first, that be no means makes them any easier! You still move around in a point and click system. The environments are varied and detailed keeping with the story book visuals of the past games.

One place the Last Specter does improve on is in the way it portrays the story. There is much more voice work done for this game than past entries. In a text heavy game such as this it is nice to have the story read to you as often as possible. The voice acting itself is superb and all the main characters have the same actor. The cut scenes are still the best on the DS and flow beautify
The game is filled with extras that will keep you busy for hours after you have solved the mystery.

There are lots of new mini games that are improved over the previous offerings and then there is London Life. London Life is a massive RPG set in the world of the Professor Layton games. Although I have not neared the conclusion it is claimed to be over 100 hours long.

Whether a Layton vet or newcomer the Last Specter is a thrilling adventure that everyone can enjoy. Level 5 has perfected the formula of the first games and with an extreme amount of content you will be puzzling for weeks.