User Rating: 9.5 | Professor Layton and the Curious Village DS
this game is for all great puzzle lovers it's hard but it has a great storyline that you will not see coming and you can download new puzzles every friday via wi-fi this game really get's you to thinkand is fun playing because you will learn how easy puzzles are when your'e done with game and it's a great game the bad thing about is that they don't explain the puzzles enough and if you need to get hints to help you they really don't help you out as much as you would expect it's a great game but what interested me the most is the storyline it's incredible you will not see it coming the game will elude you from star to finish until the professor explains to you whats going on with puzzles that you have to right numbers to puzzles that all you have to do is get a red brick out of the pile this game is a MUST have for all puzzle lovers out there
but all in all great game it's full of suspence and you will be shocked of the outcome it's perfect for anyone to getr unless you're 6 or an alien!