Sci-Fi horror game - Nice adventure.

User Rating: 8 | Prey PS4

This game has a slow start, you are in a space station and you are trying to figure it out what it is happening and how to solve it. While you progress in the game you get stuck and you do not want to stop playing it. The game is long (around 40-50 hours without all the secondary missions). During the game you level up your character. I do recommend to level up wisely, for example, hacking, you can always find the way of get the passcode and password, so you can leave it later.


+ Well developed characters

+ Huge Station with different environment.

+ Good storytelling

+ Good level up system.


-Too long

-Too many side quests

-Poor Graphics (more like PS3 or Xbox 360)

-You may waste time trying to figure it out things.

Well, the pros outweigh the cons because you get stuck in the game and really want to finish it.