Praetorians is a amazing RTS game that should of got more attention.

User Rating: 9 | Praetorians PC
Gameplay: The Spanish team, Pyro Studios, is best known for their work on the Commandos series. In 2003 they created the game called Praetorians. The single-player campaign is divided into 20 missions and each of these missions can be played as a stand-alone mini campaign. They are largely not connected, and, as I said, there are no protagonists to immerse the players deeper into the single-player campaign. All we get to see are a few very general cut-scenes that depict various battle scenes and that's about it! Besides lacking any kind of story, Praetorians is also missing unit advancements, tech-tree or anything similar to it. Fair enough, you get two or three new units along the way (Praetorians for one, German Cavalry, Balearic Slingers...), and the enemy troops (Egyptians, Gauls and Britons) provide for slightly more variety. Nevertheless, that's hardly enough to satisfy players' desire for bigger and "badder" units as they progress through the single-player campaign. Well you pretty much build up your base ans build up your army (which comes in groups) and send them to destroy the enemy. Also there is a population limit which i dislike beacuse I would like a larger army. There are also two other modes which you can play. Multiplayer to play against other people online and Skirmish which you can just choose a random map to play against the computer. To bad there are not ship battles in this game. What is great is the lack of resourse management so that means you can consintrate more on building up your army.

Graphics: I have to say that the graphics are really good in this game. They are rich in color and detail and the enviroments are done well. Sound: The soundtrack is done really well, the sound effects are done good and suit the game well. Also the voice covers are done well and so are the sounds of things like the shooting of arrows and the clashing of swords sound the way they should sound.

Value:All in all this is a very enjoyable game to play. There is good replayability with this game with it's multiplayer and random map mode. The downside of this game I found was it lacked unit types and the population limit. All in all i would reconmmend this game.
I give this game 9 out of 10.