a cool game to play if u don't have geometry wars

User Rating: 7.5 | PowerUp Forever X360
this the type of u play while smoking ya greenery people this isn't for the average gamer lol thas what i do no im promoting it but thats what i do in my home after playing all day on some cod5 i wind down with this game here so there u have it it might not appeal to everybody whos play all the time i think the ach points is a lil steep on try to get them but it will be worth the play i really dont know what to say any more but i gotta keep typing up a hunid characters well i guess i gotte keep typing umm well itsa one player game probaly best played at night when ya kids are asleep or if u dont feel like playing ya retail and dun beat all of ya arcade games130 soment words to go i find it better to not move to much in the early levels but then like after levels 4 or 5 its gets more faster so then u will have around more aggressivly