Worth a try, and then some more.

User Rating: 8 | PowerUp Forever X360
I actually bought this on accident, but I really enjoy it and I am fully glad I bought it.
The game has 3 difficulties so It can be played by almost everyone, although I was not very good when I bought it and it doesn't explain things very much, but after awhile I was quite good and it became even more fun.

If you meet certain requirements in Arcade mode you can unlock up to 4 bonus modes including a Boss Rush type game, a survival game, a bullet bouncing game, and a fully upgraded weapons and infinite smart bombs overkill game.
So there is some replay value.

There is a leader boards to test your scores and against the surprisingly low amount of other players.
The visuals are also amazing and your ship looks different every level.
Theres plenty of weapon upgrades such as a sheild and a laser.
Bottom line is, there's a demo, and it's free. So try it and I greatly recommend this XBLA game.