A simple but smart game is fun, you need to use Brain,

User Rating: 9 | Portal PC
Portal was introduced in the Orange Box Package, which had Half-Life 2 plus its expansions, Team Fortness 2 and Portal itself, and a lot of people, including myself positively surprised by the game, even though it's simple, the game works very well, and He is very intelligent, the graphics even a little outdated does not disturb the gameplay, I did not see any Bug, and the game quotes Half-Life very much, and both seem to be of the same universe, you see mention to Black Mesa, I think it's a good idea to have a G-Man in the game, but this is not just rumors, the plot of the game is interesting, and we have one of the best characters in the game, GLADOS interpreted by Ellen McLain who does a spectacular job, Not to mention that it is very fun, and the credits of the game is funny, Portal is a short game, you can zero the game in up to 2 hours easily, and if you play it for the second time, it achieves in less than 1 hour , Plus the game has an interesting storyline, a super charismatic character, and Is very clever. Note 91