Pop is another game which isn't quite finished.

User Rating: 2.5 | Pop WII
Pop is extremly monotonous. All you do is pop strings of bubbles. The game is too simple and it takes about five minutes to master it. Pop is very shallow and it doesn't suck you in like a decent puzzle would do. You have only one enemy in this whole game. A clock.

The single player game is boring. The multiplayer may be slightly more bereble. To put it simply - it is a complete mess. you do all the same popping but it is far more competetive as you can use power-ups to hinder your opponents progress. You are concentrating so much on making you r opponent lose you don't get very high scores and victory is not that satisfying.

This game isn't worth the ridiculous 700 wii points it costs. The single player lacks any depth and the multiplayer is chaotic. Don't buy it. This game is a complete disaster. There are nearly no redeeming qualities.