A game where, surprisingly, will be entertaining yet challenging; like trying to drink coke as fast as possible.

User Rating: 8.5 | Pocket Monsters Emerald GBA
i remember misplacing this game a couple years back - devistated yet didnt impact me as much. then, after unearthing it from the unexpected, already slotted inside the GBA is nothing short of destiny itself. it blew me away when i first played it and it blew me away today; truely an absolute fantastic game in the event of having a lot of free time and to spend it wisely. it was also very addictive and challenging in trying to remember the types of pokemon and the advantages/disadvantages they have with others. needless to say, this game covers a lot of areas including having any gamer (who plays role-playing games, obviously) to think ahead and 'look before you leap'. it is incredible to see how things have changed for the better since red/blue versions and how it will evolve as we are witnessing now - in stating this, it makes this game an excellent benchmark for the other future games, such as this, to become better.
the storyline is incedibly detailed as well as entertaining in the sense that we feel ourselves uncover the story as if walking miles upon miles throughout the game despite not even leaving the bedroom. it would litterally blows any fan away as we notice how, for lack of better term, impressive the storyline has been created in spite of acknowledging the somewhat limited resources of the GBA.
although this game has a very close relationship with both sapphire and ruby, it is a still very different and unique atmosphere when playing the game; as if it is totally different to the other two itself. despite stating this, it is as if both the sapphire and ruby pokemon games were combined as well as their faults in order to construct an even better pokemon past-time....and they have. it is absolutely fantastic to be one of those people who were there at the start, and will be able to witness it, not only going further, but for the near-future generations to start their pokemon journey as well.