A great game, that has expanded and refurbished, the very first and amazing Pokemon Games

User Rating: 8.5 | Pokemon FireRed Version GBA
The Pokemon series has long been known for its long storyline and bucket load of after Elite 4 features, and i can see why it is known for that because naturally its true. But the first Pokemon games on the gameboy colour were somewhat lacking, probably because of the fact it was technologically posible at the time to add a 'Battle Frontier' or 'Sevii Islands' to it and even then, there wasnt enough pokemon to need such an extravagent extra place, because at the imte it was revolutionary.

But the gameboy colour games have long been regarded as the best and is probably the reason for remaking it, bigger and consequently better.
Its gotten a good face lift from a lone blue tint on the screen, while still retaining the retro charm that we love the early games for.
Even then the pokemon have more moves and the sevii island experience is almost a virtual extra world, with almost as many pokemon as on the main land.
Theres also things like the strengthened Elite 4, after getting to 4 island and such, their levels are booted up, just like constantly versing certain trainers wil eventually raise their level.

I think the game has retained its original elements while all the mile creating a much better experience that will no doubt soon be remade again into something that smolders this, but no doubt, this game is delightfully done, is great to play, and even if you arent a huge fan of Pokemon, can suck you in and will block you from getting out