best Pokemon yet also the worst...theres nothing like Pokemon but then again there is everything except Pokemon...

User Rating: 6 | Pocket Monsters Pearl DS
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controls +new features

replay +gameplay


ok lets start this off plain and simple;i don't mind pokemon.Well pokemon is good but bad. Is it me or is pokemon looking liek a game still in the process. like all the games are demos of the one that should be coming out. There are many gameplays like pokemon and its rated #2 for me its not as good as DQM:J but then again DQM:J is a very mature gameplay.(its meant for older more thinking players) While pokemon is great it has alot of down sides. which i will mention and why it is also sometimes good...

Audio + Visuals
Now lets start this with a BANG pokemons graphics and audios are absolute crap. they area terrible for the DS this is heres why. Pokemon could have been released in 3D; yes it could have. The only reason it wasn't was because the pokemon company wanted the sales of Pokemon battle revolution to be better and thought the sales would be lowered if they released the game in 3D. So as the money sucking bats they are they decided to make you pay another 50-60 dollars in order to see they're pokemon in 3D. now the 2D graphics are good...gor 2D but as DS graphics they suck. now visuals are not all of a game true but if they completely suck like this then...well its not pleasing. now moving on.

The games audio is crap too the sounds are meaty and are bunched up up this kind of program is very easy to use and is very useful...for them. it means they can sit on there butts and take a break instead of forging a great game that should truly be called the ultimate rpg. The games actually audio is ok the music is just blended. MAYBE THEY WANTED TO JUST GIVE YOU THE SAME CRAP OVER AGAIN SO THEY CAN MAKE A GOOD 20 MILLION DOLLARS. in all seiousness though the games audio is some what good but the same just added features. like a smoothie you decided needed one more banana, in order to just get you through the day. I have nothing against Pokemon but i do over this game.

Audio + Visuals score 1/10

ok well we all know it has a new plot yes but its just liek the udio and visuals blended just a bit to seem new. the pokemon company has released this plot WAYY to many times. To top it off its a bad plot. you a kid moves to new place and you have to be the best pokemon trainer. now its great but now amazing. wat pokemon dose is it creates a plot that no one can dissagree on wnicch is good. but that only has so much potential and eventually ends up being really well i would say sh!!!!ty but ya its crap. re doo the plot and its fine. No really the plot is like old wall paper and needs to just be torn down and completely redone. its good but people crave and no one craves "mac-aronnie" every second of there lives. Thus i must give this an ok score.

Story/Plot score 5/10
good but still needs to be updated and have it completely redone head to toe

Controls +New features
Well the game has/had good controls but once again the simply update things no touch screen options(really like sometimes but not really) now what has happened is they've moved two buttons the stat and select buttons to the "Y" an "X" buttons (+O+) (note that is a smiley like thats freakin' great) they've moved two buttons and the've added the idea of...nothing. really they have added nothing something. some new features are though
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