What a great game! Reminds me of Conker from the good old days.

User Rating: 10 | Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare XONE

This is a wonderful game that does everything the way you would like it to. It has different game types that you can enjoy like Split Screen defend the garden or Online team death match or capture the garden ( They are named differently in the game but that's what they basically are ).

The characters in the game are very entertaining to watch and play with. Both Zombies and Plants are a great fun. The online Multiplayer for this game works flawlessly. I was surprised at how well the entire aiming, shooting and movement system worked. It's extremely easy to pick this game up and blast other players and just have fun.

I know that the game is aimed at a younger audience ( Ages 10-14 ) but I'm 23 and my friends and I enjoyed the game a lot. If there was blood + offensive language this game would be Conker.

There is a variety of things to choose from when playing online like controlling a blimp that is basically air strikes where you aim at where you would like to strike or heal your teammates with your kinect ( You don't have to use your kinect for this game ). There is a lot of nice specialties each character has, that makes them very unique and makes it very fun to switch between characters.

There is an ultimate team pack alike system but much cheaper that lets you purchase packs of cards where you get reinforcements ( You can plant either zombies or plants to help you out in any game type ). Unlock characters, unlock unique features for your characters and much more. The more expensive the card back the better your chances of pulling a rare item. This adds a really nice flavor to the game where it makes every kill, every capture and every revive you get worth it because you know all the coins you get from them can be spent on card packs.

Overall I'm surprised this game turned out to be so good. It's just great fun and for the type of game Garden Warfare is ( Which is really rare nowadays ) it gets a 10 out of 10, and I'm not an easy grader. I would give this new Gamespot website layout a 2 out of 10. What a mess... Buy this game. Well worth the $40.