Better than TitanFall

User Rating: 8 | Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare XONE

Having a neice & nephew,i was introduced to PvZ and all of the charcters.See how many types of pea shooter there were,as well as Zombies,only to have them ALL in one game,made me really excited!..For once,a game has a full roster of it's own creation.That alone made me want to get this game.And playing the game is great.Each your a plant ot zombie feels unique.Mainly because of their abilities and weapons.Mode are scarce but this game is made so well,that having only like 3 modes is not even a problem.

Now I now I should not bring up any other game but TitanFall has nothing on PvZ.I played the Beta for awile,Bots were annoying,walking on walls is cool but the game just gets old fast.Overall PvZ impressed me but I was expecting a lot more out of Titanfall..Turns out BF4 is still such a better game than TitanFall and PvZ won my heart as soon as I popped in the disc.DON"T UNDER ESTIMATE THIS GAME...unlocking new abilities is shown the next time you die,action is awesome,and there are a ton of laughs to be had.Hearing a plant die in combat is just too funny.

Overall,PvZ loses point w/ me just cause it's not a complete game.Thats not to say the game isn't complete or is missing's just strictly an online game and if you don't have that luxury,well than it's pointless.But truth be told,this game is flat out fun...Between this and BF4,i'm fully stocked