So much good and a little bit of bad.

User Rating: 6 | PlanetSide 2 PC
I'm going to keep this short.

Game-play : 9/10
Graphics : 9/10
Balance : 5/10
Gun Choice : 3/10
Originality : 10/10
Customization : 4/10

The game-play was awesome and very fun but the gun choices made me get bored very quickly. Playing 100+ hours to get 1 good gun is hardly fun and squad game-play, while amazing can also get frustrating if the leader or even just 2-3 members are bad.

I understand that the reason guns are so expensive is because its f2p and they want you to pay for the items and that customization. It's based on paying and not personal feats which just makes the game so much less fun and i'd rather pay 30-60 dollars for this game and get easier to unlock guns and having customization based on achievements. The micro transaction system is flawed and i'd really like to see it be fixed.

This game is extremely fun but it just seems like its missing a lot of content that the devs could of added to make it a 9/10.

Needed more effort and TLC.