The best theme-park simulator, period.

User Rating: 10 | Planet Coaster PC

You read it, its simply the best one available. Forget Rollercoaster Tycoon, it was really good back in the old days but right now Planet Coaster nailed it this time.

Management features are challenging enough to make the business man in you very satisfied when you overcome the career, especially those at medium and hard difficulties. You have all the necessary Dashboards to take smart decision at the right time. You even need to be smart enough to understand how the customers are behaving in the park (Customer flow, best attractions, etc.).

A lot of rides and coasters! You dream of a coaster where a huge kraken throws fire and explodes a pirate boat when the cars are passing by? You can do it! You want to re-build the Space Mountain? Somebody already did it in the community!

The best of the best features is the community. You have currently more than 80,000 créations made by featured or amateur creators that you can use in your park, or if you are an architect you can design your own! All these créations are well priced in-game, and makes your park look really good.

Game mechanics are simple awesome. You really feel the impact of every decision you make, whether it is the marketing campaign you trigger at the right time, the research of a new balloon shop or the new training to the engineer to make him more efficient and happy.

I thought I would create a couple of parks and then get bored, but I have so far more than 10 parks and I want to create a lot more! Plus the game is growing with free dlc (example: career expansion with winter festivities!)

You can even import your own music to apply them in your rides.

All in all, Planet Coaster is certainly hundreds and hundreds of hours of pure fun.