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Planet Coaster Cheats For PC

  1. Achievements

    Create a coaster with an 80m drop A Head for Heights
    Gain a bronze star in career mode A Star is Born
    Wow guests with a coaster with 15 moments of airtime Air Miles
    Create a coaster with 10 moments of airtime Air Raising
    Gain a gold star in career mode Brightest Star in the Sky
    Complete five challenges Challenge Experience
    Complete ten challenges Challenge Veteran
    Build a 750m long coaster Coasting Along
    Unlock DexR's Science Shenanigans Dex-R's Science Shenanigans
    Complete a research project Doing Your Homework
    Build a coaster 1500m long Don't Stop Me Now
    Get a coaster up to 200mph Faster than Lightning
    Create a coaster with 5 moments of airtime Hang Time
    Train a member of staff to the highest level Investing in People
    Create a coaster with a 150m drop Jaw Dropping
    Unlock King Coaster's Royal Decree King Coaster's Royal Decree
    Repay a loan of $20,000 Loan Survivor
    Repay a loan of $20,000 Loan Survivor
    Spend $10,000 on marketing in one month Marketing Mogul
    Achieve a monthly profit of $10,000 Money Spinner
    Unlock Princess Amelie's Fairy Tale Princess Amelie's Fairy Tale
    Complete a challenge Rise to the Challenge
    Gain a silver star in career mode Rising Star
    Get a coaster up to 100mph Scream if You Want to Go Faster!
    Get a coaster up to 150mph Speed Freak
    Gain all the stars in career mode! Star Studded Career
    Achieve a Park Rating of 1000 The Ratings Are Through the Roof!
    Build a coaster 2500m long The Ride of Your Life
    Create your avatar and place them on the globe Welcome to Planet Coaster

    Contributed by: Hardkoroff 

  2. Cheat Passwords

    Invisible guest camera Rename a guest or staff member to “TEGIDCAM”
    No coaster friction Rename a guest to “ANDY FLETCHER”
    Low coaster friction Rename a guest to “JAMES TAYLOR”
    Rides never break down Rename a ride “FRONTIER”
    Enable physics for security guards Rename a security guard to “LOCKETTMAN”
    Make all wandering guests vomit Rename a shop to “MCLINTHE”
    Increase miscreant spawn rate Rename a staff member to “DAVID GETLEY”
    Increased ride breakdown rate Rename a staff member to “STEVE WILKINS”
    Increase go-kart speed for specific guest Rename the desired guest to “ANDY CHAPPELL” before entering the ride
    User-controlled go-karts Rename the desired track to “BOLLARD” and select the first person ride cam mode of one of the karts

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer