Hard, realistic, but very fun.

User Rating: 8 | Pirates of the Caribbean PC
when I got this when it came out, I put it in and got the hang of it in seconds. The boatswain really helps ya at first and then when you leave Oxbay you know what to find. They help keep the briefings clear.
The graphics shook me along with the realism. It was almost like what you'd see in the XBOX 360 (almost). The music made you wanna sleep though (wich is good for a game that takes place in the 17th century). The sound was realistic although there aren't much speaking voices so you gotta use your imagination.

Sailing is a bit arcade, but really fun, especially if you got a battleship, than nothing will take ya down.

Fights arent realstic though. When you block your stuck there cause if you move you die. Numbers of units make the game very unfair. I caught myself using God mode cheat alot. If you can get around that, than your in for a good collection to the classics.