This game is amazing, plunder, kill, raid, gamble, and sail the sea. This game is the best pirate game ever, Buy it now!

User Rating: 9.8 | Pirates of the Caribbean PC
Any one who thinks this game is bad can go to hell!
The swashbuckerling, the shooting, the action is brill. The only bad point is that there is not enought weapons or crew members so fighting always takes a little longer than you hope. Overall, buy this game, as stealing pirate ships and plundering forts/villages never gets boring!

You can always tweak the charater models and names to what ever you like, at the moment im Captain Barbossa with the Black Pearl, oh and im invincible. If you want a pirate game, which has no conection to Jonney Depp (Sad bit, but you could tweak your model to look like him?!) then this is the best around.