This game is very disappointing!

User Rating: 4 | Pirates of the Caribbean PC
I saw the screenshots and the game looked really good to me. But the problem is that the images cannot tell you all the flaws Pirates of the Caribbean have.

Like many others users say, this game has a lot of bugs, and there is no patch to correct them. At the first moment, it's hard to learn what you have to do, and a FAQ download is eventually necessary.

If the developers really created this game inspired in the Pirates of the Caribbean film, then where are all those cool combat moves? I was expecting a good and innovative combat system, but the game only has a lazy mini-game when you engage in a combat.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that this game has excellent graphics, which combined with the amazing sound effects may build a nice atmosphere.

Perhaps this game would be worth playing if the developers release an update to correct the annoying glitches. Even a fan patch would be enough.