Pilotwings 64 is somewhat a decent game...

User Rating: 7 | Pilotwings 64 N64
To start off with, the graphics seemed to have some flaws, noted that this is a Nintendo 64. I was at least expecting a game with more decent graphics. I'm not saying the graphics are terrible, I think the company that made the game need a little more work with the graphics.

Gameplay of Pilotwings seems kind of stiff to control, especially when using the Glider. For instance, you must use the glider to go through a series of rings going down. The Glider (and controller) is soo stiff, it's clearly impossible to hit anything right by the rings. The Jet Pack and the Gyrocopter work little better but unable to control when first using these machines. But overall, the controls and gameplay meet the requirements to have some fun in the game.

One thing I don't understand at all are the characters of the game. There are six characters to chose from, three boys and three girls. But they have no specific strengths and weaknesses; they're all the same. I'm a bit disappointed because if there were six characters to chose from, at least each character has a different strength and weakness from the others. So, what's the damn point of having six characters, but no specific characteristics for each one.

In conclusion, Pilotwings 64 is a passable game. I see a bit of fun flying high in the sky. There may be some flaws to the game, itself. But overall, I still say it's a good game to play.