A Fantasy in the palm of your hand. Many options, but they may have over did it.

User Rating: 7.5 | Phantasy Star Portable PSP
This is the first Phantasy Star game I have ever played. I do like the Action RPG genre so I decided to download this title. The gameplay is very fun & addicting. You create your own custom avatar to use in the game. This game brings 3 different combat styles that your avatar can use. Hack & Slash, Beat em Up & Third Person shooter. It really depends on your style of play. The game visuals look really good & the game has no glitches. I didn't experience any technical issues at all. The things I love most about this game are the game play, the music & combat options. I have never really been a game play type of gamer. Phantasy Star Portable does have its issues though its not a perfect ten. The story was kinda childish. It was not a very entertaining story. The main reason to play is the game play itself, you really don't get to know any of the heroes, but your female sidekick who has some girly emotional issues. The main enemy in the game is the evil version of your sidekick & has equally girly emotional issues. Yawn! The AI of the NPC party members just follow you around and seem to only fight when your avatar is fighting. An option to control the style play for AI would have been cool. I want them to fight when I am regrouping. The mission levels are really long! You cant pause or save during a mission. Missions take anywhere from 20min to 1hr to complete, harder missions even longer. If you get killed during battle the game will let you save after it logs another death on your stat sheet. This game could have been so much better. Another thing was the lack of cut scenes. It was those comic type cut scenes, but again the story was not that entertaining to me. I still have not beat the game, but the reason is my avatar is not strong enough. This game needed a better story, shorter missions & easy ways of saving during a mission after all it is a PSP game. Their is a sequel, but Ill probably pass on it.