King Kong might be old, but at least it's still playable

User Rating: 8.5 | Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie GC
King Kong was released to theaters in the Mid 1930s. Since then it had quite a number of sequals and parody acts. The film was a master piece. The remake of the film was more of a pain to sit through but it still was a great show. Making a game based on a film was the most stupidest thing to be exsisting. But King Kong the game has succesfully made other movie games wish they were just like King Kong. This is my favorite game at the time. now here's the review.

Good: It's story takes place in both the origanal and the remake sides with a few added extra fight scenes. Weapons are what they expected to be. Dinosaurs are good. The T-rex is the most powerful enemy in the game unless you are playing as King Kong and you can kick it's @$$ back to extinction. The diolog is well made. And the levels look awsome. Oh, and didn't I mention there are cheat codes too?

Bad: You'll need to excort all of your allies. The A.I can help you if they can get to you in time at least. Your A.I is really not so strong because they only use sticks. Captain Hays is the only stronger A.I because he only uses the pistol. And after you complete the game, you want to go back into levels with cheats. Well get ready for a marithon of "Stop cheating" messages after each level.

Well this game has my vote for the top movie game.