A old classic comes back to life by Peter Jackson! And I'm sure the movie is superb, but is the game too?

User Rating: 9 | Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie X360
King Kong is one of the most famous creature in the world. It all started with the that was in the cinemas around the early 30's. Now, more then 70 years later, the Lord of the Rings director is going to make a new re-make of the gigantic ape in a new movie. For what I've seen, King Kong is going to be a superb movie, no doubt.

The video game of King Kong will be taking place on Skull Island and of course New York City. You'll be playing as Jack, an actor that has been hired to play a movie on the island.You'll be busy saving your crew and yourself all the time. And you'll be playing as King Kong, where you'll beat around T-Rexes and look-a-like Velociraptors.

The gameplay is superb. People might have thought it can be annoying without a HUD to guide you, or to see how many ammo you have left in your clip. For Kong, there's no reason to have a HUD, when you're about to die, the screen will get red and you'll hear heartbeats. The same goes for Jack. You can throw spears and shoot the prehistoric creatures with guns. Instead of a HUD that shows how many ammo you have left, you'll hear Jack screaming how many bullets you have left in you clip. And, that's not much. The ammo is very limited, so shoot good, or you're out of ammo in no time. But luckely the good old people on the island have plenty of spears on the island, so sometimes it's muscle work for Jack.

The graphics are overwhelming. The jungle is unbelieveble detailed with the vegitation and light effects that go trough the leaves and trees. It can't get much more realistic than this. I can't really describe how great it is, but the ones who ever played King Kong on the Xbox 360 know what I'm talking about. I didn't gave it a 10/10 because at some points the characters are very undetailed, and same goes for some dinosaurs and plants.

The sound is just perfect, it really is. While you'll be playing in the jungle, you'll hear all around you flying insects and dinosaurs. And when you walk you'll hear cracking sounds of leaves and sticks that are on the ground while you walk over it. Another great things are the sounds of the T-Rexes, it really sounds like you're standing next to one while you're getting chased. Just perfect.

The past things were superb and perfect. But it sometimes has some minor problems. At some points, the game will go slow cause of all the detail, and might freeze for a few seconds. This can be irritating, but not that irritating enough to throw your controller to the floor, or against the wall ( whatever you like to do ). It's a great try of Ubisoft to leave the HUD away, but when you're not looking and you're talking to someone you might overhear Jack when he screams how many bullets you have left in your clip. This are just a few things that can be irritating, but still make it good.

Tilt. Overall King Kong is a superb game. It's hard and sometimes even very hard at some points. But I really enjoyed playing it, and it's one of the best launch titles of the Xbox 360 and one of the best movie based games ( the best according to me is the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcherbay ). So, even if you're not into adventure games, you really should play this game, no matter who or what you are, it overwhelms you.

Good points

+Awesome graphics.
+Nice warm jungle feeling.
+No HUD for a change.

Bad points

-Game is too short.
-No nice extra features.
-King Kong might get hard to control.
-Shouting about the ammo makes you wanna shout worse things back.