Persona psp Good, Bad And Amazing because of it!

User Rating: 9 | Persona PSP
Persona PSP is one of those games that frustrates you and rewards you at the same time, the more time you put in the better it is and the draw back of that is its not a game worthy of on the bus 5 minute play. Although atlas did a lot of work on streamlining the battles they also brought back the dreaded *** battle frequency and to be honest that's the only problem with persona. Gamespot has been terrible with reviews of late and its shown with persona's score come on really 5? Persona is amazing game fore anyone interested in a thoughtful game with a more gameplay oriented structure. If you can get over the PS1 graphics you will enjoy persona if not wait for P3P coming out on November the 1st.

So the moral of the story Gamespot look at the gameplay and not the graphics you are supposed to be in the business of reviewing games not B****ing. Anywhoo thanks for reading people great game i really recommend this