I had alot of fun with this game so why does everyone hate it ?

User Rating: 8.5 | Pariah XBOX
I can see the Flaws in this game but please this game is So underrated!!. Ok i changed my rules I dont like shooters except sci-fi based ones like halo and this,

this game simply does not get the respect that it deserves. It excels on many levels that people tend to overlook very easily ya know, I hate it when People do that.

The weapons are nice and the Story is hard to understand but once you get use to It you might like it ya know, and healing with using only a small tool is the future Dammit!

and the Graphics seem realistic i mean when you use the dagger thing to chop a tree theres a Cut on the tree. or when you shoot the Enemies Glass thing on his helmet it breaks and shatters.

ok well the Flaws well The loading times Can be Sooooo very long i mean really

This game needs More love and i will help support it!!