"I couldn't come until now, I was busy" So am I, so get the heck back to your own rat hole.

User Rating: 7 | Papers, Please PC
I found this game to be quite interesting.
At firs glance it seemed uninviting even perhaps boring, but as I went along, it sort of grew on me.
Credit must be given when credit is dew. Any genre classification given to this game falls short of describing it. The developer did an excellent job of inventing something not seen before. Although the game has a hint of spot the difference in it, it makes this old concept seem new and interesting.
One small problem I have with this game is the fact that it dose become very repetitive after a while, though I must admit , this might be the nature of the beast, so to speak. This problem is how ever somewhat fixed by some colorful characters, somewhat interesting plot points, and the game throwing new mechanics at you, every once in a while, in story mode.
Another problem I personally have with the game that some details that need checking are overly tedious. I do understand that the game is all about paper work, something rarely if ever straight forward, but still, I found it very hard to get issuing cities and districts down.
All in all, I consider my money well spent. I congratulate the developer for a job very well done on what I consider to be all fronts.