This Mario game is possibly the greatest in the series yet.

User Rating: 10 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
Gameplay and Controls: The addition of an audience steps the battling up a notch from the first Paper Mario's. The controls are spot-on, and easy to memorize. The partners are great, and have great moves. Unlike the first Paper Mario, partners now have their own HP. The more papery look gives Mario many abilities, such as the ability to transform into a paper airplane. And now Bowser takes a step down from his main antagonist role- and even gets his own Super Mario Bros.-style levels!

Sound: The music is spot-on. Great battle music, great area music, and more. Great SFX, as well.

Graphics: TTYD gives the Paper Mario series a more papery look, and makes use of this by giving Mario the ability to roll up, to turn into a paper airplane or boat, or turn sideways to become virtually invisible, as mentioned before.

Replay Value: Play over and over again, as there are so many choices to make! The dialogue is different depending on what partner you choose to travel with, you can choose to make a special file specifically for one use, such as battling in the Glitz Pit or collecting Star Pieces, and much more!

Endless Gaming: Unlike the first Paper Mario, you now have the option to play for as long as you like! And with so much to do, you might actually need the extra gaming time to complete certain side-quests!

Conclusion: Overall, this installment in the Paper Mario series beats the original and the sequel by a respectable margin.