The paper thin debut of Mario on the Gamecube has a 3D amount of excitement!

User Rating: 9 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
This game is great and extremely fun. Mario the famed plumber comes to the Gamecube. I loved the first Paper Mario game, and I always wanted to try this game out. And once I did, I loved it and played it for over 30 hours in the first week!

In this game Mario has to go to Rougeport to see the Princess, but of course, she got stolen. Not by Bowser, but by the X - Nauts. An allegiance of strange looking, little guys that are evil. So Mario has to go on an adventure to save the Princess (once again) and save the world (once again).

He has to go through various obstacles and overcome all of them with the help from his friends:
1. Goombella
2. Koops
3. Madame Flurrie
4. A yoshi (you can name him anything, and comes in a lot of colors)
5. Vivian
6. Bobbery
7. Ms. Mowz (You have to get her from an event).

Over all I would say whoever liked the first game will like this game as well.