An excellent tank sim.

User Rating: 7.8 | Panzer Elite PC
Panzer Elite is a 1940's tank sim that pits American and German tanks together. You as platoon commander, customize equipment, check fuel supply and ammunition levels, and give orders to 3-4 other AI tanks. The gameplay revolves around defending or taking an area from the enemy. The action is slow, but once you reach the enemy, armour upon armour battles ensue, which are very exciting. But sadly, most of time, you'll be pointing and shooting. There is some tactical subtlety, though. Sometimes, when you are fighting tanks with a ton of amour, like a King Tiger, you can flank it and attack its rear. The graphics for the tanks are well detailed and nice, but the environment is extremely dull, with low-bit textures of endless green with some brown mixed in. Also, artillery strikes are simply wisps of smoke that appear in front of you. Also, the bitnap infantry don't add much drama that you are fighting alongside infantry in small infantry-tank battles. The sound sounds nice, and the voice acting is fairly decent. You can hear a man yell when your tank gets hit. But these sounds repeat themselves too often. With so many mods out there, plus an active multiplayer community, PE is still a game worth playing, considering the staggering amount of mods out there. Also, recently, Jowood has released the game's source code, offering more opportunities for modders.