Good game but lacks so many things

User Rating: 6.6 | Panzer Elite Action: Dunes of War PC
No doubt that Dunes of war is like first battalion (or call it panzer elite action whatever) the best tank game so far.
It just feels like war .
only the major disappointment that somehow the developers made so fantastic maps and tanks but yet we can't use most of them !!!
in single player mode Al Alamian battle is not there but it exists in multiplayer!!!! in multiplayer mode still the same old tanks that we all got bored from .
i see so many tank models in single player but they're not in multiplayer mode like Tigers,Firefly,stugs,churchill...
more tanks with more choices , there could have been an option to choose either Tiger or Kingtiger under the heavy tank section and so on.
Also the missions in single player mode are too short 3 axis missions and 3 allied missions .
Sadly the developers spent so much time making this good game but looks like they don't want us to enjoy it to the most.
What i noticed also in first axis single mission that the briefing tells you that your tank you're about to play with is panzer II but suddenly i found my self using a panzer III , someone was not paying attention!!!
But still it's a very good game .