For PVP fanatics, If that doesn't interest you save your money for something else!

User Rating: 6 | Overwatch (Game of the Year Edition) PS4

I've had this game for probably a year and have tried to give it a go on multiple occasions but find myself just disinterested in this style of gaming (FPS PVP), despite being drawn in by the art style. Frankly, I enjoyed watching the animated shorts 100x more than playing the game. I just find the whole thing confusing. Why do I have to go onto YouTube to watch story sequences that should be present within the game? It feels strangely like the early days of Street Fighter V, yet here the game is applauded for its lack of variety and content (in terms of game modes, not characters or stages)..?

But I think this is partly on me for not understanding what this game is meant to be and who it is for. Which, in hindsight, is for PVP and eSports fanatics. I enjoy neither of those, hence it's impossible for me to enjoy this. Sadly, if only they would at least add in some more PVE content I might be able to salvage some enjoyment out of it (Junkenstein's Revenge). But even that quickly gets boring and frankly my character always feels underpowered (I rarely get satisfying feedback when I land my shots). It's too bad, because I really enjoy horde mode from Gears of War, but this just doesn't even feel close to that.

My suggestion, only bother with this if you are into PVP, and I mean seriously into it because that is essentially all you get. If you are like me and prefer coop story content and PVE avoid this! Save your money for something else.