One day of playing it and right back to the video store!

User Rating: 2 | Oneechanbara vorteX: Imichi o Tsugu Monotachi X360
I didn't really have much expectations for Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad other that wanting to see one of those weird Japanese import games focused on cute chicks fighting. In the intro cutscene seeing the two sisters getting ready to fight zombies made be laugh out loud. Heh, the character Aya got caught in the shower during this current zombie apocalypse and had to quickly don her cowboy hat, feather boa, swords and sport thong!

The game controls were pretty bad, graphics reminded me of a Playstation 2 game and I just didn't have a lot of fun with the boring battles and confusing map to get from encounter to encounter. Right off the bat I didn't clean my sword, guess in the game a clean sword is important and if yours is too dirty it will get stuck in zombies? So I died a bit trying to figure that out and the game manual is worthless trying to figure out any details about the game. If you are interested IGN has a decent faq at

I got in about 7 out of 20 chapters and just wasn't having any fun anymore, really you would think scantily clad women fighting zombies would be a no-brainer and be some fun. I can't even really say this would be a decent rental since I'm taking mine back for the next game. Hey, maybe the video store will have X-Blades left!