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Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. View Mode

    Beat the game on any difficulty

    Contributed by: SpiralSage 

  2. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Achievement Achievement
    Complete Quest No.20 "Arrival in the Abyss" (LV1~3) "Arrival in the Abyss" (20)
    Complete Quest No.6 "Bloody Sword" (LV1~3) "Bloody Sword" (20)
    Complete Quest No.8 "Combo Death of the Empress" (LV1~3) "Combo Death of the Empress" (30)
    Complete Quest No.11 "Cool Master" (LV1~3) "Cool Master" (30)
    Complete Quest No.17 "Counterstrike Flash" (LV1~3) "Counterstrike Flash" (30)
    Complete Quest No.3 "Crimson Makeup" (LV1~3) "Crimson Makeup" (20)
    Complete Quest No.7 "Dance of the Empress" (LV1~3) "Dance of the Empress" (30)
    Completed Quest No.2 "Genocider" (LV1~3) "Genocider" (30)
    Complete Quest No.14 "Height of Ecstasy" (LV1~3) "Height of Ecstasy" (30)
    Complete Quest No.18 "Hit & Run" (LV1~3) "Hit & Run" (20)
    Complete Quest No.4 "Insane Libido" (LV1~3) "Insane Libido" (20)
    Complete Quest No.5 "Near Death High" (LV1~3) "Near Death High" (20)
    Complete Quest No.1 "One Bizarre Woman" (LV1~3) "One Bizarre Woman" (20)
    Complete Quest No.19 "Rain of Bullets" (LV1~3) "Rain of Bullets" (20)
    Complete Quest No.15 "Rampaging Baneful Blood" (LV1~3) "Rampaging Baneful Blood" (30)
    Complete Quest No.16 "Swallow's Dance" (LV1~3) "Swallow's Dance" (30)
    Complete Quest No.10 "Swift and Beautiful Death" (LV1~3) "Swift and Beautiful Death" (30)
    Complete Quest No.13 "Technical Master" (LV1~3) "Technical Master" (20)
    Complete Quest No.9 "The Untouched Empress" (LV1~3) "The Untouched Empress" (30)
    Complete Quest No.12 "Zombie Piercer" (LV1~3) "Zombie Piercer" (20)
    Complete the first quest Acquisition of a strange woman(20)
    Complete the second quest Acquisition of genocide (30)
    Collect all bonuses for the character "Annna" Annna : Bonuses Complete (80)
    Collect all bonuses for the character "Aya" Aya : Bonuses Complete (80)
    Collect all bonuses for the character "Saki" Saki : Bonuses Complete (80)
    Clear story mode on berserk difficulty. Story Mode: Berserk (100)
    Clear story mode on hard difficulty. Story Mode: Hard (50)
    Clear story mode on normal difficulty. Story Mode: Normal (30)
    Clear story mode on violent difficulty. Story Mode: Violent (80)

    Contributed by: Guard Master, CJDeathBlade, Codebreaker62, Llamaman2 

  3. Unlockable Difficulties.

    The following difficulties can be unlocked.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game on Violent Berserk
    Beat the game on Berserk bloody
    Beat the game on Normal Hard
    Beat the game on Hard Violent

    Contributed by: SpiralSage, rodakilistowe 

  4. Unlockable Wallpapers

    Completing certain levels in survival will unlock some new main menu wallpapers.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Unlocks Misery Wallpaper Level 16
    Unlocks Aides Wallpaper Level 36
    Unlocks Himiko Wallpaper Level 56

    Contributed by: OmegaMustard 

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